Kadima: A special school for special children in a special place.

The Kadima School in Israel for special children caters to the educational, social, and physical needs of children with Downs Syndrome, Fragile X Disorder, Autistic Children, and hyperactive children with mild retardation.

What makes this school special?

  1. Kadima has skilled staff professionals numbering 3 times the minimum required by the Education Ministry for Special Education.
    The school provides a staff to student ratio of almost 1:1.
  2. It provides a loving environment with a devoted staff.
  3. The school also contains a vocational training center.
  4. A learning green house
  5. Programs in art and music.
  6. A special Zoo
  7. Recreational Activities
  8. Therapy Programs: Music, Occupational, Communication, Behavior Modification
  9. The ONLY dormitory suitable to the needs of children coming from religious Jewish families.
  10. Programs available in English and Hebrew.
  11. Open to All special children regardless of religious persuasion.

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